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Chip Ritter is a Teacher, Author, Artist, Musician, Performer, Entertainer, and Showman, Best known for his Stupid Human Tricks on The Late Show with David Letterman!



Being recognized as one of the Top 500 drummers of all time on

Becoming A Best Selling Author on Mel Bay Publications

Performing Stick Tricks + Showmanship on The Late Show with David Letterman

Chip Ritter Teaching Stick Tricks + Showmanship on DRUMEO

Viral Video from The NAMM Show 10 million views

Viral Video “When Drumming Becomes Too Easy” 6.7 million views

Chip Ritter Juggling Drumsticks while performing with Drummers at Drummers For Jesus

Chip Ritter Performing Stick Tricks at the NAMM Show

Chip Ritter playing a Drum Solo


  • 2018 / 2017 Chip Ritter “The Juggling Drummer” performed Stick Tricks + Showmanship at the Drummathon in Dallas,TX with April Samuels!

  • 2016 DRUMEO Chip Ritter Drum Lesson Stick Tricks To Impress Your Friends Drum Lesson

  • 2015 Chip was a featured performer at the Namm Show for Trick Drums, Agner Drumsticks, and Humes & Berg Drum Cases

  • 2014 Chip Ritter Showmanship Drum Clinic at The 26th Annual Chicago Drum Show, Chicago,IL.

  • 2013 Produced 4 Drummers Multi Clinic and Concert “The Summer Drummer Slam” with Carl Cherry (Victor Wooten, Brian Bromberg, and Bruce Hornsby.)

  • 2012 Published Stick Tricks + Showmanship Drumming columns online for Modern Drummer, DRUM!, and U.K.’s Drummer Magazine.

  • 2010 Published The Garden Weasel 2.0 Drum Stick Trick Drum Lesson Video Online with Mel Bay Publications

  • 2010 Featured Stick Tricks + Showmanship Drum Clinic at The Drummers For Jesus Drum Show in Dallas, TX

  • 2009 Produced Big Band fundraiser concert with 20 piece orchestra at La Encantada, Tucson, AZ with over 1700 people in attendance. This event raised over $7000.00 for the Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance to

  • help provide band equipment for local schools.

  • 2009 Performed on Carnival Cruise lines Blues Cruise with Lisa Otey & The Desert Divas

  • 2008 Chip Ritter Stick Tricks + Showmanship Drum Clinic at the 20th Annual Chicago Drum Show, Chicago, IL.

  • 2007 Released Stick Tricks DVD. Featured Drum Clinic at the Drum Beat Fest - Drummer Festival in

  • Boonton, NJ.

  • 2005 Toured Europe with Lisa Otey & The Desert Divas performing at the Blues & Gospel Festival Of Roses in Spain

  • 2005 Toured Europe with Firesweep recording Artist Mr. Boogie Woogie of Holland, NL

  • 2004 Chip was the first drummer to perform a drum solo on The Late Show with David Letterman!

  • 2003 Toured Europe with Lisa Otey performing at the Jazz en Artois festival in France.

  • 2003-present (15 Years) Invited to the NAMM Show as a featured Artist

  • 2003 Produced Drum Clinic at Guitar Center Tucson, AZ (over 300 people in attendance.)

  • 2000- 2003 Recorded and Toured with Alligator Records Blues Artist Long John Hunter & The Bad News Blues Band

  • Throughout the United States,

  • Canada, Russia, France, Romania, Turkey and Mexico.

  • 1998 Performed with The Smokey River Band on Carnival Cruise Lines MS Holiday with The Smokey River Band

  • 1998 Performed with Dave Gram / Mark Farner Grand Funk Railroad, and Jay Minor / Eric Marienthal

  • 1997 Recorded/Toured with Heavy Metal Band M.A.C. opening for Ronnie James Dio, and Machine Head.

  • 1996 Performed / Recorded with

  • Country Band Branded, Death Metal Band Cadaverous Quartet and Indie Rock Rich Hopkins and the Sandrubies

  • Chip Ritter has also performed / toured with various other regional acts including Neon Prophet Reggae Band, The Bad News Blues Band, Crystal Stark, Robert Shaw, Mr. Boogie Woogie, Heather Hardy, Sam Taylor, Jacques Taylor, Eighties and Gentleman, Lisa Otey & The Desert Divas, and Arthur Adams.

  • Chip continues to create music and give drum lessons around the world, he lives with his Fiance’ Heather Kram in Tucson, AZ where they own and operate his Private Drum School by Ritter Method LLC.


2019 The Great American Thunder Machine – Chip Ritter + The BiPolar Bears

2019 The Drummer’s Guide To Juggling Video Lesson Mp4

2019 Stick Tricks + Showmanship eBook Pdf

2018 Stick Tricks To Impress Your Friends - DRUMEO Lesson Video

2012 Snare Force One Book/DVD - Mel Bay Publications – Best Seller

2010 The Garden Weasel 2.0 – OnDemand HD Web Released Drum Lesson

2009 “Chip Chops” OnDemand Video Drum Lesson Series – 7 Episodes

2008 Chip Ritter & The Pedal of Boom DVD

2007 Stick Tricks DVD – Best Selling DVD


Chip Ritter’s Official Products & Gear Endorsements

Paiste Cymbals, Trick Drums & Pedals, Chip Ritter Signature Drumsticks by Agner,

Aquarian Drumheads, Humes & Berg Drum Cases, Cympad Cymbal Pads, DrumTacs, and

Prentice Practice Pads.


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