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The Drummers Education Connection is the collective brainchild of four renowned drummer/educators and published authors: Chip Ritter, Bart Robley, Rick Stojak, and Jeremy Steinkoler. When the pandemic began, Chip was looking for a way to connect with other drum teachers. He reached out to his friends Bart Robley and Rick Stojak, and together they hatched the idea of creating an online community where drummers could exchange ideas, resources, advice, and instruction. Rick thought immediately to include his friend Jeremy Steinkoler, another established drum educator, who was just as eager to add his expertise and enthusiasm to the project. 


After several long, inspiring, and thoughtful conversations (and several name changes), Chip, Bart, Rick, and Jeremy formed the Drummers Education Connection, a platform created to educate and inspire drummers around the globe. Among them, all four drummers have published over 10 books and bring over 200 years of combined experience playing and teaching drums to the D.E.C.


Since forming in late 2020, the D.E.C. has hosted a weekly videocast on Facebook and YouTube, featuring roundtable discussions on a wide range of topics related to drumming and teaching, as well as hosting notable drummers and industry experts, including:


Gregg Bissonette  •  Gene Hoglan  •  Mike Clark  •  Daniel Glass  •  Joe Bergamini  •  David Northrup  •  Mitch Marine
John Mader  •  Alex Cohen  •  Rob Wallis  •  Murray S. Piper  •  Peter Retzlaff  •  Jim Royle  •  Tammy Mitchell-Woods  •  Jim Toscano
Chris Brady  •  Mark Wessels  •  Dawn Richardson  •  Kelli Rae Tubbs  •  Neil LaFortune  •  Sharon Ransom


And many others!


We continue to host discussions and guests each week. Hit us up if you’d like to be included, or want to recommend a topic or guest!

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