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Here you'll find educational resources including downloadable pdfs, videos, and audio files on various drumming topics. Let us know if there's something specific you'd like to see!

Snare Études

"Cadence 4 Cadence" is a solo from Bart Robley's forthcoming book "Etudes with Attitude." Cadence 4 Cadence is composed from the original 26 rudiments and was inspired by from the N.A.R.D. solos (National Association of Rudimental Drummers), originally published in 1934. I hope you find this solo fun, educational and inspirational! -BR


These grooves are based on moving the kick drum around a specific snare pattern that is a core element in many well-known funk grooves. You can hear versions and variations on these grooves in Aaron Comess' terrific playing on the Spin Doctors' Two Princes and on Bernard Purdie's iconic groove on Aretha Franklin's Rock Steady, among others.

Drumming Apps

Helpful apps for all musicians by Rick Stojak from “How to Build a Drum Groove V1”. Included is an icon for availability on iPhone, iPad, Android or iWatch. 

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